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Connections Unlimited 

95% of my clients come to me by referral!

Initially, it all started when I wanted to create a company to connect seniors based on the same high standards that my dad taught me.  Be an example.  Be dependable.  Let people rely on you.  Be affordable. Provide great customer service and have professional integrity. Speak your truth and be a woman of your word.  So I did it.  

I started a company, called Connections Unlimited, LLC and built a network for my clients.  The companies on my exclusive list are businesses and people that have a proven track record and have met my high standards, and will keep up their integrity and quality, or they simply don't stay on my list. Trust my referrals, while not wasting time and money. I maintain the most extensive senior connections in the Denver metro area.

I am like a coach for the family. Once we build a relationship, I am there for them til the end offering my ear to listen and recommend what is next for their loved one. Providing options, choices and being a guiding light where it can be pretty dark and dismal.  Building that trust and relationship is paramount to the success of my helping them and building a reputable business over the years.

I am proud of my standards and so was my father! 

Search 'Google' on the topic you have questions for and a landslide of links, articles, videos, opinions, and comments will result.  Frankly, I'm better than Google.  I can filter all the information, and likely offer a few tidbits your initial keyword search never even considered!