My Dad and me at Connections Unlimited 15th Anniversary

My two kids, Daniel and Lara


Joan Seivert 


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Joan Seivert

My entire professional career has been developing new community based programs and housing options for all kinds of people. I have always enjoyed improving the quality of life for others. The last twenty five years, I have worked under the name of Connections Unlimited LLC, a company I envisioned while I was still employed as an administrator of a downtown Denver retirement community. 

My personal experience with healthcare took me to the holistic health model and I am so grateful that my life flourished there. I bring that to my work as I use a holistic assessment that I created to use with my clients.

As I look back over the 25 years of helping families understand their options so they could make educated decisions, I am grateful and proud. So is my grandfather who inspired my career path when I was child and he had strokes that resulted in nursing home placement that impacted my entire family on many levels.

I wanted to be helpful in presenting options to others. That is when we have power-when we have choices! I like to empower others with choices.

As a boomer now myself, I am happy to pass on what I know to others. I have experienced the decline and death of both of my parents at home with the help of hospice and want to continue helping families understand their options as they are faced with these difficult times with their parents.

​My greatest joy in life has been having the time to live my life on my terms, while  raising my two adult children and watching them thrive and succeed in their lives.  Working and living in my home in Edgewater, Colorado for the past 25+ years has been a dream come true.