Shared Living on the Rise

That’s right—roommates aren’t just for college students anymore! The shared living movement is being embraced across the country as an exciting aging-in-place option for baby boomers.  Read More 

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​March 9, 2015

4 Things to Do When Your Parents Are Resisting Help

“Doctor, my mom needs help, but she won’t accept it and she won’t listen.”  Sound familiar? It’s a complaint I hear all the time from families worried about older parents and aging relatives.  Read More 

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​March 25, 2015

Living, and Dying, at Home

America is aging, and most seniors want to stay in the places where they've lived for decades. Can they? What will it take?  Read More 

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​May 1, 2015

3 Ways Boomers Can Make an Impact

Among the many passages that boomers face is the transition from adult child to — an odd description, but nonetheless accurate — orphan. Read more

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March 20, 2015 

Common Myths of Hospice Care Debunked

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​In the past 40 years, attitudes towards death and dying in America and much of the rest of the world have slowly changed. The hospice movement has grown considerably and now constitutes its own segment of the health care system. Prior to hospice, people often died alone, in institutional settings like hospitals.  Read More

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